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    Over 4 million people visit our publications each month to read the latest music news, digest our expert album reviews, and listen to and watch musical performances by their favorite artists. Our publications feature breaking stories, bold interviews, and insightful commentary, all delivered with an unmatched dedication to the music culture.

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  • Redefining Hip Hop Journalism


    The #1 Hip Hop news site on the Internet, HipHopDX serves 27 million readers each year a mix of breaking music news, expert album reviews, insightful editorials and artist interviews, showcasing Hip Hop culture through industry leading music journalism.

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  • Creating a Culture

    Battle Rap

    Millions of viewers tune in each month to watch the exciting emerging culture of Battle Rap, and battlerap.com covers all of the latest action, delivering groundbreaking interviews with the culture's leading artists and up-to-the-minute live event coverage. We're a marketplace leader in Battle Rap coverage.

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  • The Original Country Music Website


    Roughstock is the oldest independent country music site on the web, serving readers a mix of music news, videos, reviews and song lyrics for nearly 20 years with a dedication to the culture that's unmatched in the industry.

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For the past 13 years we’ve worked with the world’s top brands, helping them reach our audience of 3 million monthly readers. We’re operating at the forefront of music culture online, influencing and encouraging it even as we reflect on its past. We’re a multi-platform music media brand providing reach to readers wherever they are.

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Our editorial teams bring 50 years of combined and diversified music journalism experience to our newsrooms, covering breaking stories and delivering bold artist interviews with an unmatched dedication to the music culture. Our diverse roster of regular contributors can be found in the pages of Rollingstone, Billboard, MTV, and Vice.

Our publications are regularly recognized as leaders in their respective marketplaces, bringing in audiences of millions and delivering original reporting that’s been picked up by major media outlets including MTV, NPR, and the Washington Post.

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Our goal is to deliver incredible content experiences to our readers, and that starts with a core focus on design. Designing incredible content experiences requires a dedication to problem-solving, a willingness to research and experiment, and a steadfast commitment to simplicity. Our approach consists of 4 key tenets:


Finding, exploring, and digesting content should be effortless; everything should be intuitive

Agile Development

We believe in iterative, agile development with a "fail fast" approach; it's the shortest path to breakthroughs

Responsive Design

Content has to follow the reader everywhere they go, across all devices, so it's always accessible

Community Engagement

Everything should be geared towards developing the community and driving user engagement; it's our lifeblood

It's Our Goal

to hire the most interesting people in the world

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